[URGENT] Error 1016 - Origin DNS error

I have installed Cloudflare yesterday on my domain OdinKnows dot com and I am getting this error till today. My current registrar sucks and I had to do everything myself by reading tutorials on the web(I’m a newbie). Today finally they answered my ticket and simply said contact Cloudflare. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out whats is wrong but still can’t figure out…
Help appreciated.

Does your Cloudflare DNS page have proper A records that contain the IP address for odinknows dot com and ‘www’?

They should be the same IP address you used before you switched to Cloudflare. Whatever IP address is your hosting plan provides.

I am not getting what you mean… I had to make new dns records in the registrar…

Also, I don’t have any A records in my dns

This is my Cloudflare panel- Screenshot by Lightshot

And this is the DNS settings at my registrar

Sr No Record Id Name Value Status

1 78337036 imap.odinknows.com us2.imap.mailhostbox.com Active

2 78337037 webmail.odinknows.com us3.webmail.mailhostbox.com Active

3 78337038 pop.odinknows.com us2.pop.mailhostbox.com Active

4 78337039 smtp.odinknows.com us2.smtp.mailhostbox.com Active

5 78337040 dav.odinknows.com us2.dav.mailhostbox.com Active

6 84635940 odinknows.com www.odinknows.com Active

7 84636264 www.odinknows.com odinknows.com Active

Thanks for the picture of your Cloudflare panel. You need A records for odinknows and www. You’re currently using CNAMEs that just point to the other one, so it’s a circular reference.

The place you host your site should have its own panel that will tell you the IP address you should be using. Get rid of those CNAME records and add an A record for odinknows and www with that IP address.

Thank you so much! I owe you @sdayman :slight_smile:

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