Urgent: Enabling Zaraz Breaks All target="_blank" Links on iOS Safari & Webkit

Coming in with a baffling critical issue we’re running into that is looking like we need to completely remove the use of Zaraz.

Links on the site that have <a target="_blank"> set, don’t actually open up in a new tab when in iOS in Safari or other WebView apps (using WebKit).

There’s some type of WebKit open in new tab issue that is only present on iOS, and only happening when Zaraz is enabled.

I had thought maybe it was one of the scripts we had running here:

Because when disabling everything, it worked great on mobile again, no problem.

Then I enabled just 1 at a time, and regardless of which I enabled, it completely stopped working.

So then I went further and disabled everything, enabled only one:

And then disabled all of the tool actions:

So for all intents and purposes, absolutely no custom code is running, it is literally just “enabling” Zaraz with nothing happing at all.

This results in no target=“_blank” links working.

So as you can imagine, target=“_blank” not working, on an affiliate link site, means that no one can click affiliate links on our site, on iOS mobile in any WebKit app, which has resulted in us directly losing substantial money via affiliate revenue clicks.

So having Zaraz simply being enabled, breaks critical functionality in sites.

Is this something you’ve experienced or heard of before? We’re rushing to move off Zaraz as quickly as possible because of this, but as you can imagine, we’re quite upset over leaving Zaraz as we’ve otherwise been really appreciating it.

Thanks team,

Hey, thanks for reporting this. Do you have a click listener trigger in your account? can you try to remove it and report back?

Yes, I do have a click listener set up for Ads (e.g. clicking on an external affiliate link is what constitutes as a “conversion” so sending that to Google is important. I had thought that could be it though so I did set logic to only have it continue if the URL parameters contained gclid= (a param Google uses when it’s considered a Google ads visit to the site). Could that be affecting even non-Google ads visits somehow though? And if I were to simply disable the one that is using that action as the trigger, I’d also think that would resolve it if that was the issue but it didn’t resolve it. Do I need to fully delete that entire action in order to see if it’s the problem though?

@yoav_zaraz can confirm, removed the click listener from Zaraz, and that fixed the issue—this is the line:

AKA, don’t use click listeners on links with target="_blank" or else you completely break links on iOS.

So now we’re in a tough spot, this was the only way that we could confirm a conversion (someone clicking an affiliate link) via our Google Ads. So either we keep running the ads with now no conversion tracking, or there is to be some type of fix in place somehow?

The most messed up thing here is that many of our Google Ads visitors are mobile, probably iPhone, which also means that our conversion metrics in Google Ads are probably quite incorrect since iPhone users couldn’t even be clicking the link :sweat_smile:

Please keep us posted! Have disabled it for now (AKA all Google Ad conversion tracking is now disabled).

Or is there any chance the issue here could involve “Wait for tags” being set to 300? I was having issues having conversion to register in the Google conversion tracker so I had raised it from 0 to 300 and it seemed to be tracking.

Trying to figure out the culprit here :pray:

Hey @yoav_zaraz any update on this by chance?

Thanks so much!

A fix is ready and will gradually deployed next week

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Hey Yoav, just checking in if this is resolved?

Thanks so much!

The fix has been rolled out now. Please flag if you’re still facing problems

I am experiencing the same issue described above when a click listener has a value for “Wait for tags”.

The button click does not allow a new tab to open when “wait for tags” has a value on iOS Safari.

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