URGENT! EMERGENCY! Cloud-flare isn't delivering my site anymore


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Opening Post

I linked my site’s cpanel to my cloud flare,
and it’s not delivering my site at all.
To the point where I’m not even given the cloudflare error page.
Just my browser’s bog-standard built-in 404 error page.

Second Post

upon checking the cloudflare page for dns,
the back-end isn’t accepting my site’s cloudflare module’s change notifying the module that the changes weren’t accepted.
Making it seem as if the changes were made when looking at the module’s cloudflare page for my domain.

Third Post

I just tried setting my domain/site to dev mode from my site’s cloudflare module to see if your servers were blocking my provider’s servers.
The module successfully enabled dev mode.
It’s just the dns zone records it can’t (but is effectively being told by you it can) change.


We would need the website address at least, but if you already have a support ticket that is the best bet I believe.


the site/domain is vixrauna-mc.club


That’s odd.

When I do a lookup on the domain for nameservers only

    No Data Found
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-04-30T06:08:16Z <<<

And the domain itself shows

Name Server: cass.ns.cloudflare.com
Name Server: jason.ns.cloudflare.com
DNSSEC: signedDelegation

nslookup throws back a “no answer”

Did you change something in your DNS panel?


I removed the old dns records of my old site and linked my new site’s cpanel to cloud flare.
Cloud flare isn’t registering the changes my sites cpanel is trying to make.
And it’s not throwing any errors to my site’s cpanel.
So my site’s cpanel doesn’t know that it’s requested dns changes haven’t been made.

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