"URGENT: Domain Server Issues" - DNS records going to the wrong IP address

I am trying to add DNS, A and CNAME records, and directing it the app’s IP address. I have added everything correctly but it keeps pointing to the wrong IP adddress. It keeps pointing to the wrong IP adddress. I contacted the app software they said the issue seems to be with Cloudflare DNS server and I should check with them ASAP.

The correct information is here: “Please make sure to have either an A record pointing to or a CNAME record pointing to flash.funnels.msgsndr.com for the domain”

According to the link below, you’re not using Cloudflare DNS:
DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

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Yes correct, it is pointing to the wrong DNS server. At the same time, the domain is active and connected to Cloudflare. I did not make any changes to my DNS from Cloudflare so this happened suddenly and randomly. I am not sure why this happened and how to fix it.

As urgent as your case might be, pinging morehelp will only make people upset and hesitant to help you for not following its guidelines.

As pointed out earlier, you are currently not using Cloudflare nameservers; change them back to Cloudflare, and things should get back to normal.

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Nameservers are already connected to Cloudflare but the issue still persists

Okay I managed to do it again and it worked. Thanks

How did you change and what did you change. My website is down from last 3-4 days and I am not able to find a solution. maybe I start my own thread explaining my problem in detail.

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