URGENT! Domain is no longer accessible to change nameservers

I had to temprarily remove Cloudfare services and installed a new SSL certificate on my host server. I also added a dedicated IP address to my host. Normally, I would update the DNS in Cloudfare with the new IP address but like I said, I’ve temporarily shut it down for other reasons…

Now, I need to update my hosts nameservers with my domain, which is also hosted by Cloudfare and even though it shows it’s active, when I click on “manage” to add A2 Hosting nameservers I get the error “404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”

I need to get this fixed ASAP.

Where are you doing that? You wouldn’t do anything on Cloudflare’s end relating to NS changes.

Yes I would. They are my registrar for my domain. I just changed it in the spring.

Like I said, the removal of the hosting was to be temporary while I worked on my PWA, which Cloudfare is blocking. However, I pay separately for the domain from the CDN and my domain should not be deactivated. If I lose it, there will be ■■■■ to pay.

What do I do because they won’t response in less than 72 hours if at all.

You deleted the domain from Cloudflare? Fully?

Then it needs to be escalated and handled by support. You can’t do anything if you actively deleted the domain from Cloudflare.

Do open a ticket, post the number here and I’ll escalate it.

You should have unproxied the record or paused Cloudflare.

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I didn’t delete the domain from support. I only deactivated the CDN portion of my service. They are two separate services I pay for. Deleting one should not have affected the other.

There is one entry for everything, as you literally manage the domain in the same place.

Pausing Cloudflare is different to deleting the zone. Which did you do? If you just want to deactivate the proxy, you Pause. Deleting the zone will remove it from your dashboard, including the Registrar part.

You also will not be able to use any nameservers other than Cloudflare’s if you use Cloudflare Registrar. See Cloudflare registrar terms of service point 7.2.

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Fine, then I need to get it back so I can transfer it somewhere else. What a nightmare. This was only meant to be temporary so I could setup my PWA, which Cloudfare is blocking.

I cannot afford to lose my domain. I’ve sent a support ticket.

What’s the ticket number?

I understand what you’re saying but I found that pausing it had no effect on it blocking the bots used to create screenshots for my PWA. Hence, I wanted to delete the zone until I could get this sorted out. I had no idea it would delete my domain as well (though it still shows it active) but it want allow me to make any changes because of the 404 error message I get when I click on manage.

Since I have a freeze on my domain, I cannot transfer it out to another provider so I can update the nameservers. Now, my site is down because my nameservers are still pointing to Cloudfare. Something is seriously wrong with the way they are handling domains. I understand they’re new at this but there’s no excuse. This is my livelihood. If you’re going to be certified as a registrar then act like one and don’t make rules that no other provider doesn’t operate by. That’s pretty self-serving.

Right now, I just need to be able to get into it so I transfer the domain out since I now know their service has severe limitations. It sounds like they’re trying to lock people into their eco system and I wasn’t even trying to leave them. I just need this fixed stat!

When Cloudflare is paused, they are only providing DNS so any issues cannot be coming from the proxies. Deleting the zone will not help because Cloudflare your nameservers point to Cloudflare.

When you re-add the domain, you should get access to your Registrar settings again, as you have not, the community can do nothing to help you with this. @matteo already escalated your thread and if you share the ticket number I asked for, I’ll add that to the escalation.

At this point I have no idea whether you want to use Cloudflare or not, but you’ll have to wait until support can look into your issue with accessing the Registrar pages if you want to transfer out. Otherwise, you should be able to continue using Cloudflare’s DNS as usual.

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Sorry I sound upset because I am. Cloudfare needs to sort these two services out and take the registrar portion and act like any other regristrar I’ve been with, which is only three: GoDaddy, Bluehost and Namecheap. I just thought it would be more convenient when I setup my DNS through Cloudfare to have them all in one. You live you learn.

No, I wasn’t looking to leave Cloudfare but I did need to troubleshoot the issues with creating my PWA that were clearly coming from Cloudfare’s end (i.e. security) as there have been other complaints about these issues from other deverlopers. That part I get and just wanted to see if I could set it up first using my host and then switch everything back to Cloudfare as I enjoy the robust service it offers. That’s all.

Anyway, my ticket number is 2207579 and yes, I will need to switch registrars after this because clearly having them together isn’t going to work out.

If I can’t get this done by end of day, I’ll do as you suggest and setup my DNS again with Cloudfare this evening and then transfer the domain out and make other arrangements. Thanks.

Cloudflare’s Registrar service has never been intended to be like another Registrar or act like a separate service. It’s an added benefit for people already using Cloudflare’s other products and is heavily tied into them.

I’m not sure why you think that, if you pause Cloudflare then their security features are not involved. You’re welcome to open a separate thread about your issues if you think they are Cloudflare related.

Thanks. I’ll add this to the escalation but I don’t know when you will get a resolution.


First things first and thank you.

You deleted the site from your account, nameservers are still pointing to cloudflare. If you login to cloudflare and select Add Site and add it back to your account it should become active pretty quickly.


Hi @cloonan,

Our team has replied to this ticket, I believe that this thread can be closed since we are following up directly with them.