Urgent DNS help needed!

Hello Cloudflare team,

I’m hosting on namecheap that offers Cloudflare setup, but they don’t use Cloudflare DNS.

I tried to add Cloudflare manual and point their DNS after performing this action my site be can’t able to open.

Urgent help is needed on nairaflaver

Works perfectly fine for me.

  1. NameServer are pointing to CloudFlare
  2. nairaflaver.com resolves to IPs which are from CloudFlare
  3. site is working without problems

You are definitely using CloudFlare, but you may have to wait untill your changes have fully propagated .

What Error do you get?

It’s not working at my end here :sob::sob:

Mostly because the previous setting are cached by your machione/router and therefore for your particular connection the old settings are getting used.
Please do as following:

  1. provide us with more infos what you get when its not working? Any error?
  2. try to use a VPN to somewhere else to verify its working for others.

Your NS seems to be fully propagated:

I just did a test run using VPN and it’s working, but failed to work without VPN

So as soon as you try it outside your network it works. Pretty sure it due to some local DNS Cache.

Please clear your DNS Cache on your machine, try to clear DNS Cache on your router and test again.
Optionally find out how high the TTL was set and wait this amount of time.

Alright, I’ll do that now.

nairaflaver is working fine… Thanks for the help rendered.
God bless you. :pray:

You are welcome!
Have a good day and fun using CloudFlare

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