Urgent DNS Failure on WWW A Record


All of my sites (7) are unreachable. None of my www (a Record) work. They stopped suddenly two days ago after working for 5 years with no problem. I have made no changes. Other A records respond with the right IP ( i.e ftp etc).
Trace route on all WWW ends with Cloudfare IP .

Folloing is a treacroute
Rons-MacBookPro-Junior:~ ron$ traceroute rhythmhealth.ca
traceroute: Warning: rhythmhealth.ca has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to rhythmhealth.ca (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 14.673 ms 1.040 ms 0.896 ms
2 ( 23.952 ms 37.027 ms 42.824 ms
3 sttlwawbci01.bb.telus.com ( 70.856 ms 90.943 ms
sttlwawbci01.bb.telus.com ( 31.364 ms
4 six.as13335.com ( 44.919 ms 32.561 ms 33.436 ms
5 ( 28.365 ms 29.948 ms 28.726 ms
Rons-MacBookPro-Junior:~ ron$

Examples sites:
www.2create.ca (fttp.2create.ca works)
www.rhythmhealth.ca ,

Please help… My clients are getting quite agitated.



These are three DNS setting on Cloudflare… Traceroute works on the first two but with WWW it fails !!. Can some help me understand what is going on please !. It started happening 2 days ago.


It seems like Cloudflare DNS is assiging its own IP adress to all my WWW records !


I checked a couple of the domains on your account and not it doesn’t look like all of them are running through Cloudflare. Have you confirmed that all of the impacted sites have the correct Cloudflare Name Servers assigned at the registrar, and that they are set to :orange: in the DNS page.


When a record is orange clouded yes. We proxy the request through Cloudflare to provide DDoS and CDN services and then route requests on to the origin. Can you tell me what error you were receiving/ what unavailable means in your context?

Only one of the 3 hosts is currently routing through Cloudflare (www.2create.ca) and it appears to be working fine for me. The other two are currently going direct to origin. And while http://www.2create360.com/ displays an error it’s an error from the webserver.


Thanks for your reply ryan, I have checked and double checked now. Dotster has been assigned the correct name server (max and Veera). The configuration for this website on cloudflare is exactly the same as all the other sites that actually work.

Working site: www.2create.ca

Not working site www.masalamantra.ca

The setup of both theses sites is identical on cloud flare. Same destination IP

PS: Whatever happened to affect this happened in the last week

PLEASE help… This is getting Very Urgent


Using your destination IP, if I go DIRECT to 2create with HTTP, it works (I guess you don’t have SSL on your server), but if I go DIRECT to masalamantra, I get an internal server error.

Have you tried to :grey: masalamantra to see what happens?


The domain is not being proxied through Cloudflare. That error is occurring on the origin server itself.