Urgent contact admin site

Kind support

I urgently need to contact the owner of the Personen-im-internet.me site for the violation of privacy and the dissemination of sensitive data.

From the whois I only find your mail [email protected]

The e-mail address shown here: http://www.personen-im-internet.me/s/informationen.html

[email protected] is deactivated.

Can you help me find an owner’s email contact?

Thanks is urgent because legal action is underway and if we do not, we will ask for the obscuration of the site to the state police through a complaint.

Thanks for your cooperation.

If it is against law, contact your local police department.

https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse to adress this to the according team here.

Afaik this page just aggregates information from the web which is already publically available.


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