Urgent: Changing Nameservers from Porkbun to Cloudflare

Hello, I recently switched my nameservers from porkbun to cloudflare to alter IP registration as Microsoft has been checking IP origination and where the domain is hosted and is rejecting the sending of emails if it’s on Porkbun.

Even though iv added cloudflare nameservers on porkbun and have added missing CNAME records from porkbun to cloudflare that were not automatically added by cloudflare in its scan, Im getting errors each time I perform a lookup on whatsmydns.net.

How can I resolve this at the earliest so that my email deliverability is improved?

Cloudflare is not involved in sending emails at all. Cloudflare is an HTTP(S) proxy and does not handle SMTP traffic. Your server’s sending IP is not affected by changing your nameservers to Cloudflare.

If you are unhappy with your current email situation, you might want to change your hosting provider or pay for a dedicated email service.

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