Urgent Billing Issue - Domain down, plans moved to free, response time already past 24h

Hi there! We have a huge issue with billing, we missed an outstanding payment which resulted in the downgrading of all our Cloudflare properties, a domain lock and the inability to renew are domain, the latter which caused an outage for the past 24 hours.

The support ticket for billing - 2377446 that is still ongoing 24hours, we no longer had any response from the CF counterpart immediately after we have received a link to solve the outstanding payments.

We no longer have Business / Pro plan and cannot upgrade to Business plan to get faster support. Can someone here help us / prioritize our issue?

It’s crazy that there is absolutely no warning about the fact that the domain will expire and no warning that you have unsettled payments and your zone is locked.


Hi @corporate6,

I checked your ticket and it was responded to the same day that you sent it and has been resolved as of the next day. Please note that our team does the best that can to answer all tickets as quickly as possible, based on when received as well as the plan you are on.


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