Urgent Assistance Needed: Website Not Functioning After Nameserver Change

Dear Community Support,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding an issue I encountered after changing the nameservers on my hosting provider to those provided by Cloudflare. Unfortunately, this change has resulted in my website no longer functioning.

I am currently faced with this challenge and I am in need of your support to resolve the problem. It appears that the modification of the nameservers has led to unexpected consequences, rendering my website inaccessible.

I have already conducted some research and attempted to address the issue on my own, but so far, I have been unsuccessful in resolving it. Therefore, I kindly request your expert guidance to get my website up and running again.

I am aware that this community comprises many knowledgeable and experienced members who may have a solution to offer for my situation. Any advice or troubleshooting instructions would be greatly appreciated and highly valued.

Thank you in advance for your time and valuable contributions. I am confident that together we can find a solution and successfully restore my website online.

What domain?

And can you perhaps be more specific about the issue?

For example, what error message(s) and/or error code(s) do you see?

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Hey there, thanks for contacting Cloudflare support.

My name is Luís I’m sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.

Do you happen to have a ticket opened for this request in Zendesk already?

In order to better assist you with the problem you are experiencing, we will need some additional information from you. Can you please share the following with us:

  • The specific error messages being returned and/or behaviours where you are seeing issues while on the website.
  • Specific step by step instructions on how to reproduce on our end - e.g. if this issue is only replicable behind a login, can you provide a temporary test account for us
  • A screenshot of the errors you are seeing.
  • Any relevant access logs from your web server.
  • A HAR file demonstrating the issue.

Please respond with that information so we can continue to work with you to resolve your issue.

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