Urgent Assistance Needed: Connectivity Problems with Website on Cloudflare

Dear Cloudflare Community,

I’m writing to seek urgent assistance with connectivity issues plaguing my website, greenryenthusiast.com. Despite extensive troubleshooting efforts, the site continues to experience erratic loading times and frequent timeouts, particularly on pages like the one addressing zero-turn mower problems.

The symptoms are clear:

  • Intermittent Connectivity: Users encounter sporadic access to the website, with some experiencing prolonged loading times or outright connection failures.

  • Timeout Errors: Attempting to access specific pages often results in timeout errors, indicating a failure to establish a connection with the server.

  • Consistency Across Devices and Locations: The issue persists across different devices and locations, ruling out isolated network problems or device-specific issues.

  • Negative Impact: These disruptions not only frustrate visitors but also harm traffic and engagement metrics, compromising our ability to serve our audience effectively.

I urgently request the Cloudflare community’s expertise to diagnose and resolve these connectivity issues. Any insights, suggestions, or guidance you can provide would be invaluable.

Thank you for your attention and assistance.

Best regards,

Hi @buttsameel977

I can’t see the domain in your account, when looking up your username from the community.

But I suggest that you use 5xx documentation regarding your connectivity issues.

Regarding the loading times, then please look at the documentation for Speed optimization. Run a speed test in the observatory, and use the suggestions for a better performance.

Cloudflare is suppose to speed up site not slow it down. I think this issue maybe related to the total domain take over of your name servers. Which by the way even with the business plan upgrade after you pay to use your own custom name servers you loose the DDOS protection. They should be transparent about this before we sign up. I’m glad I investigated the community experience before proceeding.

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