Urgent allow access to the site in a ip range

How can I make that only certain IPs (there is a IP range) access my site?

only in a record dns*

You can create a firewall rule for IPv4 addresses:


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Yes, but i can’t do only in a record dns (like test.killteamseller.it)

You want to limit access to a subdomain?

Yes, only in a subdomain

Try this:

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So you’ll need:

hostname - Equals - test.killteamseller.it


IP Source Address - Equals (or “Is in list”) - xxxxxx

something like that…

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Ohh, thank you! But i can’t setup a ip range to allow (i have a ip range)

CIDR range?


i mean CIDR with this ip ranges

CIDR ranges can be entered, but can only be used with ‘in’ operators, like “is in”.

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what i need to put? all ips?


thank you

Yes, you keep adding the CIDRs in. It will look like this (I only did the first two):

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Thank you!

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May i can ask if i can do a redirect if the ip is not in whitelist?

I don’t think the WAF can accommodate that, based on what I see, but someone else here might have a way.

But in other my subdomain (or the main) give me a error (1020) i need to setup other connections?

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