URGENT: All financial transactions are failing since setting up with Cloudflare

URGENT: Since setting up Cloudflare, for a WooCommerce store with a Moneris payment gateway, Moneris rejects ALL transactions with the error: The transaction was not sent to the host because of a duplicate order id.

I think somehow the order id is being cached very aggressively somewhere. I cleared the cache through Cloudflare and cleared the cache on my pc and was able to put through an order, but clearing the cache didn’t work on my phone and most people are using phones. I have since tried to turn off Cloudflare, remove our domain from the Cloudflare account, and turn back the nameservers to the original, but the traffic is still running through the Cloudflare nameservers 16 hours later. I think I may have to wait 48, which is disastrous. We are losing thousands of dollars of business per day on time-sensitive ticketed event.

It’s a very strange problem to me. Can anyone think of a setting I can change or something I can do?

Try enabling Development Mode. That’s only temporary, but it will allow you to immediately rule out caching. If the problem isn’t resolved, it’s not a caching issue.

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