Urgent 403 issue with our webshop

We run a big webshop and since this morning 09:00 we are unable to reach our webshop! I am still waiting in line to get in touch with one of the service people on the chat, but this is also taking a lot of time since I am waiting for 1 hour already.

My ICT guy has taken a look at this and he says it is an 403 issue. We need to have this resolved quickly since this is costing a lot of money.

What is the affected domain/URL? Could you please share a screenshot of the error? This will help us determine if the response is coming from Cloudflare or your origin server, and, in the former case, what is causing it.


My ict guy also send met this:

Zone ID
Account ID

I am getting a “Too Many Redirects” error when visiting your site. Please take a look at the tutorial above and ensure that your SSL mode is set to “Full (strict)” in the Cloudflare dashboard.

He checked it and it was changed 2 months ago:

Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible
This setting was last changed 2 months ago

We did not change anything so isn’t it really weird that this problem suddenly occurs then?

That means you did not have any encryption these past two months and had all your customers’s data in plain text on the Internet.

Follow @albert’s advice.


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