Uptimerrobot can´t scan

Today i startet with Cloudflare.

Everything work normally.
Only Uptimerrobot can´t scan Ports!

I think Cloudflare block some IP´s from Uptimer…
https://uptimerobot.com/locations there is a list with all IP´s/Hostnames

I have already inserted it into the firewall, it still does not work!

Here is my Uptimer Site: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/zB919TMNoP

Which port #s are you scanning? I use UTR and it’s been able to monitor my Cloudflare sites.

Also, is anything showing up in your Cloudflare Firewall Log Events?

No Logs…

No standard Ports…

Uptimer can scan Ports from extern non Cloudflare domains.
Only Cloudflare Domains and Sub-domains not working.

TeamSpeak is not standard and can not be proxied. Is that sub domain for example active here and proxied? (:orange: record)

Yes with Proxy

Then it won’t work under Cloudflare at all, even for your users. Disable the proxy or check directly to the origin.

OK i try with only DNS

Only DNS Worked after 15min…

It will, with SRV records. But the question is: would UTR follow them? :thinking:
And i am unsure if they finally implemented UDP checks.

I meant to say that you can’t get to the TS ports, with SRV works, true…

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