Uptime robot not working because of Cloudflare



the issue is that an external service like Uptime Robot is not working because of Clodflare (as the told me). So whenever it happens we don’t receive alerts and this is a big problem.

We have the Cloudflare PRO Plan on a Wordpress website, from time to time it goes down for different reasons. Recently it went offline for a security plugin. The homepage gave “Error 503”, which means a beautiful blank page!

I would need some help or tips to solve this issue.

Here are more questions and informations:

  • I don’t know if the problem for the uptime monitor is represented by AlwaysOnline service (anyway when the database goes off or error 503, the AlwaysOnline service is not helping at all !)
  • In the past Cloudflare had some Apps like Pingdom or Verelo to provide the monitor service, but they don’t exist anymore.


I use Uptime Robot, but haven’t experienced the 503 problem.

I would expect that if it’s a 503, Uptime Robot would receive this in the response header.

  1. Does the response header not show a 503?
  2. If so, then does Uptime Robot consider a 503 to be an Up website?


Thanks for your input. By the way I solved the issue and was not caused by Cloudflare AlwaysOnline.

It was causd by the W3TC Plugin which caches Wordpress and when the website was down for 503 error for example left it’s cached header as a response.
So making a GET request it returns the content with HTTP 200.

The solution is to disable the Cache Plugin or to set a non-cached page as the default page to monitor the uptime.