Uptime Robot and AlwaysOn compatible?


Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’m quite new to the forum but I got a question.
I recently activated CloudFlare’s AlwaysOn feature on my page and everything works. But I was surprised when UptimeRobot told me that my site had zero downtime in the last 3 months.
Thats quite interesting because my site usually experienced downtime a couple of times, when AlwaysOn was disabled(?).

So my question is: Is UptimeRobot (http) compatible with CloudFlare’s AlwaysOn feature? Is my site really always up or is it because of CF.
Status page

Thanks in advance!


I didn’t notice but if always on mode response 200 code then stats will be miscalculated


Okay, thank you


AlwaysOn returns a 503. Uptime Robot is waiting for 200.


Thank you MarkMeyer,
so it really means that my website has an uptime of 100% for the last 3 months. :grin:

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