Uptime my hosting

hi guys
when my host is down
offline time for my host and ip and sever is for just minutes but
in this website says site is down https://uptimerobot.com/
for 30 or 40 minutes i will test with my phone and Pc its down yet

is any problem with my settings in Cloudflare ?
or i should do some thing ?

  1. Enable “Always Online” in Cloudflare’s Caching tab does a pretty good job of covering for this.
  2. How often do you have Uptime Robot scanning your site? I believe the default is 5 minutes. Typically, Uptime Robot does a pretty good job of noticing when my site is back up…but not always.

How often do you have Uptime Robot scanning your site?
i have 1 minutes account

any one cant say me the problem ?

Hi guys, do you know if we need to whitelist any UptimeRobot IP (or Jetpack) in Cloudflare? since using Cloudflare I keep on getting notifications about site down even when it’s up!


I don’t have Uptime Robot in my white list. Uptime Robot doesn’t hit my servers that much. Every 5 minutes for the regular check, and that’s for 20 or so domains, plus every 15 minutes or so to trigger WP-cron.

Once in a long while I get a false outage notification from Uptime, but that even happens on a couple of servers I don’t have behind Cloudflare.

I’ve noticed that I get far more reports from Uptime Robot when
monitoring IPv6 vs IPv4, issues I cannot reproduce when monitoring
myself from other locations. It also sometimes indicates my IPv6 is
still up when it clearly is down; I use a tunnel broker, so if I have no
IPv4 it is impossible for my IPv6 to be up – In some cases when my ISP
is doing maintenance and the modem is completely offline for 30+
minutes, Uptime Robot only catches the IPv4 outage.

In the context of Cloudflare, since Cloudflare offers both IPv4 and
IPv6, Uptime Robot could be checking and tripping on either, or it could
also look like repeated bot type queries to Cloudflare.

Since they do publish a list of IP addresses at
Locations and IPs | UptimeRobot I have done some local whitelisting,
but I have Uptime Robot configured to monitor my server directly, not
through Cloudflare. Given the number of IPs and the lack of any trivial
way to update the list at Cloudflare, I haven’t bothered to whitelist at

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