Uptick in errors from beacon.min.js from mid-august

Starting on August 18, 2021, our error monitoring software picked up on a new error from Cloudflare’s beacon.min.js file located at https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js.

Over the next few days, the errors slowly started to tick upwards (I assume this is because of browser caching), eventually leveling out at a consistent number.

It seems like Cloudflare pushed an update in mid-august to the analytics code that breaks on certain browsers. Below is the error we’ve been seeing:
Error: “j is not a function”
At: “{snip} on(){k&&0===m.filter(function(e){return e.id===v}).length&&j(),“hidden”===document.visibilityState&&!w&&S&&(w=!0,I(k))});var T={lcp:void 0,c {snip}”

Since the beacon code is minified, this doesn’t really help, but here is the line/character breakdown as well: “at line 1:4469”

If a Cloudflare engineer needs the entire private error report, including browser/device/version breakdowns, please let me know!

We’re having this problem as well. Any news on that?

Not that I know of. Really don’t know how something like this slipped through QA.

Same issue here. Since August 27, 2021 Sentry error logging shows a huge amount of JS errors caused by the beacon.min.js

j is not a function

  • /beacon.min.js in HTMLDocument.<anonymous> at line 1:4469

Happening mostly in Chrome and Edge browsers.

Above I posted that it’s mostly Chrome and Edge, but Safari reports the error slightly different:

j is not a function. (In ‘j()’, ‘j’ is undefined)

/beacon.min.js at line 1:4470