Upstream Set-Cookie missing

# Direct access, you will get response header `Set-Cookie` with name `JSESSIONID`.
curl -I --resolve
# Via Cloudflare, upstream response header `Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=...` missing
curl -I --resolve

Just to be absolutely sure, you only have one single “acm” A record in your account and that account’s nameservers are “dawn” and “neil”. Right?

Any chance your server is - for whatever reason - not creating a session when the request comes from Cloudflare’s IP addresses? Have you double checked the session cookie gets sent in these cases too?

Yeah, only one A record of acm. And Proxy status is enabled now. Maybe I’ll disable it to make the service work as expect.

And the nameservers in your account also match those I mentioned?

dig NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS

No other NS records.

No, no, I meant the nameservers listed in your account on Cloudflare. Check on your DNS page if it mentions these very nameservers.

Same configuration on page

In that case I can only suggest to open a support ticket. Maybe they can shed some light where that particular header vanishes.

I changed the issue body, this issue should only be related to the configuration of Cloudflare’s nginx, rather than the dns service.

No need to change the hosts file

# Via Cloudflare
curl -I --resolve

# Direct
curl -I --resolve

I didnt say it was related to DNS, I wanted to check if you really are in the right account.

Anyhow, at this point you should open a support ticket.

Do I need to raise an issue anywhere else besides What page should I go to?

You didnt raise an issue here. You simply opened a thread.

You need to open a ticket at

The current default cache policy caches some file extensions by default and it includes jpg. Finally I resolve this issue by adding a custom page rule to process all requests with Origin Cache Control: On.

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