Uploads are failing from Quick Upload and API/CLI

I’m trying to upload a batch of images from my desktop.

  • Exported to JPG from Lightroom (a collection of RAW and JPG files)
  • File size is under 10MB

From Quick Upload

  • I drag a collection of images (or select them) and they begin to upload. As soon as the first one finishes, the rest of the uploads stop, meaning I can only upload one image at a time.

I’ve turned off ad blocking, tried different browsers (Safari, Chrome), and tried smaller batches.

From the command line

  • I set up an API key, tested it, and then try the upload.
  • Upload fails on the first file with this error:
    ERROR 9422: Decode error: image failed to be decoded: Uploaded image must have image/jpeg or image/png content type

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