Uploading with cloudflare stream

Ok guys looking for a solution…

I’ve been developing a video streaming site for a client and I’m losing my mind.

The site is wordpress and allows users to upload video much like youtube.

I’ve found that I can easily upload a video to amazon s3 using several different out of the box forms plugins, which is great but my client wants to use cloudflare… So Ive been trying for weeks to get it to work.

Here’s the problem. The Stream plugin only allows a video to be uploaded via an actual post not a form. And it’s really difficult to explain to a non technical user how to find the shortcode for the plugin add it to a post and then upload a video not to mention that the user can see all of the other users videos in the widget not just their own. It also seems to us it’s own player rather than the JW player my client prefers.

So what I need is a super simple shortcode that replaces the file upload button in any of the forms plugins like contact form 7… uploads the video and returns the link to to the video to be embedded in my post.

Is there any such thing? Has anybody attempted this? Am I going to have to bite the bullet and write my own or convince this client to move to s3?

Any help appreciated.

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