Uploading video to a 3rd party service - Against TOS?

Hi, We are using Bunny stream for video hosting. We have an application that uses Cloudflare and the videos will be uploaded through this application.

But we use their iframe player for playing means it will be streamed directly from their player and no egress. Does this goes against Cloudflare TOS. I saw somewhere Cloudflare banning zones for using images and video APIs.

As long as the video isn’t going through Cloudflare it’s fine

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What matters is where the videos are stored and how you are delivering them. The Cloudflare TOS does not allow you to serve video from a Cloudflare address unless you’re using a Cloudflare product that is meant for video. It doesn’t matter if users are uploading the video via Cloudflare; only if they are viewing it through Cloudflare.

If you’re using the Cloudflare CDN to store your videos to deliver to users, then you are in violation of the TOS. If they’re just uploading the videos to an address that is on Cloudflare, then it’s not a problem.

If you want to serve the videos via Cloudflare then you need to be using R2 or the Cloudflare streaming thing. Uploading, they don’t care.

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Thank you for elaborating. Further i just want to explain our plan,
Uploading is happening through Cloudflare proxied application. And the uploaded videos are stored in bunny storage.
For video delivery we use the iframe player to embed on the application with bunny cdn. means it will be played directly in the iframe player. And also We will byepass the cache for the entire application.
Can you confirm that this will not be violation of CF TOS?

What matters is how users are getting the videos. It doesn’t matter how you’re uploading them.

If a user viewing the video doesn’t hit the Cloudflare CDN then you’re fine.

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I understood about uploading. As I’m not sure about the delivery thing and confirm this, if we use embed player of bunnystream on my application to play a video, will CD count this a violation?

  1. Application (video.mydomain.com) is proxied through Cloudflare and a rule is set to byepass cache.
  2. We will embed a video player by iframe that play directly from bunnystream through iframe embed player on video.mydomain.com).

Playing a video in this context will be violation? I just dont want to get it into a problem and thats why i specifically asked as i Don’t know how CF consider it as violation.

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