Uploading to Stream via Cloudflare Workers for User Uploads



I am wanting to build a web app where we use webrtc to record video, and then upload it to stream, so it can be streamed by other users once the call has finished. As well as for users to uploaded prerecorded video.

So for all the upload to stream examples seem to be focused on cloudflare admins uploading videos, rather than solutions where the users upload videos.

I’d love to see a solution that allows the web app to upload content to cloudflare stream, probably using cloudflare workers as the auth and pipe layer.

For user uploads of prerecorded video, a web component that provides a upload widget would be nice.

For app uploads of just recorded video inside the app via webrtc, a javascript api would be nice.


Seems what I am after are these:


Hi @balupton!

I have this concern also, and I cannot figure it out. The problem with the solutions you sent is that you have to make your Cloudflare credentials (X-Auth-Key and email) readable in your client side code :confused:

Or could you find a good solution for that? I’m afraid with Stream you cannot by-pass your application server.