Uploading Profile Pic in Cloudfflare so it shows up in email campaigns

Hi! So, I set up my account and have my domain registered, as well as created a custom email. The only thing I can’t figure out (which seems so simple on other platforms) is how to put in a profile picture in Cloudflare so that it shows my pic when my emails are sent out.

I already tried clicking on the grey icon in the upper right hand corner and all I get is a drop down with 3 options: settings, update password, and logout. I have already tried going into settings and see no option for uploading profile pic. I went into one link for course and uploaded a pic as a “teacher” (which isn’t actually relevant to me, but I figured maybe it would work), and that didn’t work.

I also already went to the gravatar site as someone recommended. I uploaded my pic there and put in my email address but it wouldn’t transfer to Cloudflare.

Please help!!! Thank you!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare does not offer any product that sends email. What have you read that has given you the impression that something at Cloudflare can add an avatar to your email?

The only standard that I am currently aware of that supports providing guidance to mail systems as to displaying an image in relation to a domain is BIMI. It requires a registered trademark and someone with specialized expertise to implement.

Gravatar is useful for associating an image with a specific address that you control. It is dependent on client side implementation. It doesn’t send your image. The email recipient would need to be using software that retrieved your Gravatar.

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