Uploading pictures to my website and triggers "workers limit reached"

Hi, hope everyone is fine.

I need some help. I have had my website for years now, but it wasn’t until recently that i am having trouble with cloudflare and me uploading pictures to my web posts.

I have noticed that the other day, I wrote a post that included several pictures -that i had to upload to my website- and it directly led to a trigger of workers limit. The first time that I noticed was a week ago, when I uploaded 21 (optimezed) pictures. Then it happened to me again a few days ago and i only uploaded 5 pictures.

Can anyone help? I need to be able to upload pictures to my blogposts but i don’t want to risk to use all the workers limit…

Thanks in advance.

Are you on SiteGround?

I use Workers for my WordPress sites, and have not hit any Workers limits. Then again, I’m on the Paid plan for Workers that has higher limits.

Thanks sdayman. I understand what you are saying, however it is very weird that having used cloudflare for so many years and uploading up to 3 posts per week in the past, all of sudden I have workers limits every other day just for uploading a few pictures. Obviously there is something going on and I need to figure out what it is.

It is not that i am having more visitors on my website… actually the opposite is true. Number of visits went down -because the subject is tourism and both, pandemic and also core update of google- have crushed my numbers. So… less visits and having workers limits is very very weird.

Hope someone can help.

What limit are you exceeding? Are you exceeding the 100,000 daily request limit on free plans? Or are you exceeding the allowed CPU time (10ms on free plans, 50ms on paid plans)!

Exceeding the 100,000 daily request limit on free plans. And I am uploading less posts weekly and have al least 25% less viewers than last year. I started having this problem just a few weeks back.
There is no way that just by uploading pictures -optimized- to my website reach the limit.

What Worker do you have for your site? You didn’t mention if you were using SiteGround or not.

Oh sorry, I dint mention it because I didn’t know it was related. I am an ignorant on this subject. Yes, I do have Siteground.
As you can see… when i uploaded some pictures… it went up!!

That looks like outbound traffic, but that will add to your Worker count. Have you asked SiteGround about raising the limit for their Worker? Or even a way for you to temporarly disable their SG Optimizer Worker in these situations. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen to more people on SiteGround.

Error 1025: Please check back later

Common cause

A request is not serviced because the domain has reached plan limits for Cloudflare Workers.


Purchase the Unlimited Workers plan via the Plans page on the Workers dashboard.

Hi, AppleSlayer.
I understand this, but I think it is not about paying more, is about a problem… a glitch a something that we don`t know and it is triggering the outbound or inbound traffic… without having the traffic,. I wouldn’t mind paying if is because I have loads and loads of traffic. But i don’t want to pay for very little traffic i am having and that is clearly a mistake or a glitch or something. I insist… when i had 150.000 visits per day and uploaded 3 posts per week, NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM. Now i only upload 1 post per week and you are seeing my number… which are half of what i had before… and NOW I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WORKERS?! I dont think it is a problem of paying unlimited workers.

Actually I haven’t, but I will and see what they say. But dont you think there might be something wrong if every time I upload a few pictures on my website the workers number soar?

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That’s just an increase in visitor traffic. If you have some sort of analytics, you should be able to track down the source of that spike.

Hi! I am afraid it is not an increase in visitor traffic. I have checked and even double check with my SEO experts. There were almost no visits at that time and i checked on google analytics. That increase came from uploading my pictures to the website.

Sorry, you’re probably right. That graph is for outbound traffic, and that would include all information your site sends you during the upload process.

Still…the SiteGround Worker that’s active for your site is hitting its limits and you’d need to either see if SiteGround can increase that limit, or disable that SG Optimizer during peak traffic times.


Thanks. I have just spoken to Siteground and they will also check… that have opened a ticket and there are looking into it. Thanks for your help


Hi! I asked Siteground and they said:

“Note that when a WordPress page is accessed, it must be rendered in its entirety, and with over 12 thousand requests so far, it is possible to exceed CloudFlare’s limit. As such, you may need to disable CloudFlare’s full page caching from the SiteGround Optimizer plugin”.

And I am not happy with that, since there is OBVIOUSLY a problem… it is not possible that all of a sudden, for uploading 5 pictures I hit workers limits when no long ago I was able to upload at least 35 pictures per week or more and work on my website -links, etc.- without any problem and having more than 4.000 visits per day.

Any idea of what else can I do. Maybe there is a problem with my Cloudflare setting???

You really have a few choices:

Or disable it altogether as they suggested.

Or stop using Siteground’s Cloudflare integration and do it natively from here. APO will do full-page caching without limits, and it’s $5/month if you’re on a free plan. And included as part of any paid plans.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

I understand what you are suggesting for me to do, but i feel it’s a patch to fix a one-off problem, but I’ll have to investigate further, because there’s clearly a more technical problem that’s escaping us.

Meanwhile I have spoken to Siteground and they have suggested that I switch the workers settings from your Cloudflare account from “Failure mode for this route” to “Fail open”, this way when I reach the rate-limit, my website would not be brought down but will continue to work properly.

So… i will do this and keep looking for a real solution, because I insist, is not about paying or not paying… it is about a problem in the website or Siteground or Cloudflare that make me reach the limit having HALF the visits and HALF the content produced and published.

What technical problem? Your site is exceeding the 100k requests per day Workers limit.

Yes. It exceeds 100k request per day workers limit… AND IT SHOULDN’T be reaching this limit.

As i said, and i am using this as an example to show that if i am reaching that limit is because there is ANOTHER PROBLEM on my website that it is not my visits or my way of working on my website:

JANUARY 2020 (just to put an example):
WEEKLY visits on my website: 28.000
WEEKLY post uploaded with at least 12 pictures each: 2

Weekly visits on y website: 14.000

Therefore… if i have never reached the workers limit when having 28K visits per week and uploading a minimum of 25 pictures per week… HOW ON EARTH i am reaching that NOW that i have less visitors and i am uploading less pictures.

Once again, i think there is a problem somewhere that makes my website reach a limit…