Uploading / Encoding video, recorded by safari browser

Hi, video recorded by safari browser, taking a lot of time to encode usually its take 10 sec to encode a 5 sec video, after video was uploaded. Same video recorder by Google chrome or Firefox , usually takes 2-3 sec, can somebody help me to understand how shorten encoding time on Safari ?

options for new MediaRecorder for safari is
videoBitsPerSecond = 2500000
mimeTypes = video/mp4( only this mimeType supported by safari )

Hey @user7137! This is interesting. Is it possible that you share video IDs associated with the two videos you’ve compared? This would help us retry encoding on the same input and compare availability times to start investigating.

Hey @renan! This is google chrome video - 946f924869de4e81ad04fe53be4e776a , safari - e5ab47c779b14364a6186eb9c9b73adb

Good morning @renan , did u guys find something ?

@renan hello, can i get an answer ?