Uploading content on our wordpress.com site fails with Cloudflare proxy enabled

When our website is enabled in Cloudflare (proxy), we cannot upload content to our web site.
The web site is hosted on wordpress[.]com and we have installed the Cloudflare add-on as per the Cloudflare instructions.
Upload files with a very non specific “Upload failed”.

Removing the “proxy” option from the DNS settings for the web site solves the problem right away.

Is there a way for us to have Cloudflare enabled and be able to upload to the site?

The file we are trying to upload is a 3MB PDF, but we have tried with PNG, JPG and other types of files of even smaller sizes with the same results.


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Could you please open your browser’s developer tools and let us know the error code that Cloudflare or your origin server is returning?

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I am guessing this is it?