Uploading any video above 30s (approx) results in Error in CF Stream

I’m using the TUS-JS-CLIENT to upload a video to CF Stream via Direct Creator Upload method.

Everything works successfully if the video is relatively small.

I try to upload a 56 second video and the video uploads successfully according to TUS JS Client, however when going to try and watch the video using the CF Angular Video Player, I get errors saying 404.

After heading over to the CF Stream backend, I see the video has ‘error’ label but no other explanation. The duration is also set to 0.00.

I have explicitly set my chunkSize to 52428800 as per CF Stream’s documentation also.

Any ideas?

When generating the token, are you specifying the maxDurationSeconds value in the header? If you are, what is it set to?

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Thanks for the fast response.

Just realized we were setting it to a static number instead of taking the duration from what the frontend says.


Apologies, and thanks

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