Uploaded Videos cut off

I am having a serious issue that I cannot solve.
I am uploading videos from the Cloudflare dashboard and the ends of the videos are being cut off. There is no rhyme or reason. A 19 minute video cuts off at 14 minutes. A 36 minute video is only showing 15 minutes in length.
I have double and triple checked the videos before uploading (1080p, 8Mb bitrate, 30 frames, H264, no interlacing, etc).
I have tried uploading these videos multiple times, and my client is super pissed. I am almost at the point of looking for another streaming provider. Maybe Cloudflare Stream is just not matured enough.
Anybody have any ideas?

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Did you try uploading from another link/machine? There is a chance it is a client issue AFAIK nobody else reported such a thing.

yes, both from my computer in my office AND from one of my servers at OVH.
AND from Firefox and Chrome

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Early on when I had trouble with a stream video that stopped working, Support figured it out. Give them a try:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

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Cloudflare changed encoding system at last week but there is no announcement about this.

Old version encode 360, 480, 720 and 1080 more faster and encoding without error.

But new one has lots of errors on progressing video and has extra 240p resolution.

If your video is mkv file and they have some metatags like chapters, subtitle or second audio. Cloudflare encoder will encode that job with some errors. Usually encode first chapter of uploading video and serve.

Since last week any there is no any solution for this.

Old encoding system was perfect but new one very very very sux…

I have the exact same issue. I uploaded multiple of the same videos that are ~2hrs long and they all get cut off at a different time, even though they are all the same video.

Also, does anybody know where to look for the cloudflare stream updates, since I wasn’t notified of the update and I want to know what was changed since encoding has gotten A LOT slower.