Uploaded video quality options

Dear Cloudfare team,

I am writing on the behalf of Madách Színház theatre in Budapest, Hungary. The theatre is in the process of making cinema movies from certain plays with movie professionals in professional cinema quality. They would like to stream these movies to their audience on your platform. We can see the recommended format and quality options that you provide, but we would like to ask if it is possible to upload, and stream movies in different formats. More specifically some movies are in 50 FPS progressive, with duration of 50 to 90 minutes. And we would like to know what is the top limit for you in bitrate for H264 codec as we would like to stream the uploaded movies in the best possible quality.
Looking forward to your reply.

Jenő Kiss

Apparently, on request, you can ask for the default maximum framerate (usually 30fps if not mistaken) to be increased. You might look here for details on how to request that.

All your uploads will be re-encoded.
So you might consider simply uploading in the highest feasible quality. Lately I tend to upload using very high bitrate H.265@10bit/WAV, but I’ve also uploaded using AV1/FLAC (slow encode!) and if I recall, even intermediate codecs like CineForm (huge files).

The real question will likely be, is Cloudflare’s necessary re-encoding going to satisfy your quality requirements?