UPLOAD with TUS protocol returns 413 for "large" videos (623 Mb)

I´m trying to upload videos to stream service.

  • TUS runs ok for small videos (30 MB)

  • FROM URL runs ok for all sizes (30 to 623 MB tested)

  • TUS returns error for 600 MB videos

I´m using pro version. Is it really expected ? I cannot use TUS in this case?

And also, after the error 413, video remains as pending upload in the panel.

What chunk size are you using?

The docs say:

Important: Cloudflare Stream requires a minimum chunk size of 5,242,880 bytes when using TUS, unless the entire file is less than this amount.

We recommend increasing the chunk size to 52,428,800 bytes for better performance when the client connection is expected to be reliable.

Maximum chunk size can be 209,715,200 bytes.

Important: Cloudflare Stream requires a chunk size divisible by 256KiB (256x1024 bytes). Please round your desired chunk size to the nearest multiple of 256KiB.

The final chunk of an upload or uploads that fit within a single chunk are exempt from this requirement.

Using 52,428,800. Tested with 5 MB too.

Changed here to 5MB chunk. Runned for ~450, ~600 MB video
So, it is ok.
Probably some limitation in my application or environment.


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