Upload speed very slow

The Cloudflare warp service was working great until last year but since this month the upload speed has been very slow. I have checked on multiple sites and it never goes above 1Mbps. It works perfectly when the Cloudflare service is off. Anyone else is facing this issue or has found a fix?

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Same issue on my side - never goes above 1Mbps. Is there any announced change or limit?

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Me too. My SYMMETRICAL Gigabit fiber never tops 4Mbps on the upload from my main computer. All other computers and servers on my network have no speed problems (>900Mbps up AND down). I am running Cloudflare Warp on my desktop only, so that looks like the culprit. Is there a fix besides saying, “Sayonara, Sucker!” to Cloudflare?

I am getting better results by changing the Cloudflare settings from “ with Warp” (the default) to just “”

Yeahh same thing…But also I didnt see the advantage of using the service without warp, as from my experience the isp gets to see what websites visiting as they’re still blocked with the service on. The warp service was working like a charm few months ago, dk what happened to it. Btw your internet speed is crazy lol, I go crazy for 50Mbps here lmao

Yeah, totally spoiled! Would be nice to know what happened to Warp, though, and why it sucks so bad. I’m on MacOS 13.2 on a Mac Mini M1 with 16GB ram.

It looks like this only applies to the free version of WARP. If I use WARP+ the upload speed is fine.