Upload size

Is there a way that i can set the upload size limit? being limited to 100mb or 500mb doesn’t work - it would be great if we had control over this…

Enterprise customers can contact their account team to get this limit raised.

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I just have a basic account… paying for a enterprise account to get limitations lifted that i don’t want in the first place seems a bit counter productive…

You can split the upload over multiple request, this also results in faster uploads too!

As per CF documentation

" Cloudflare limits the upload size (HTTP POST request size) per plan type:

If you require a larger upload, group requests smaller than the upload thresholds or upload the full resource through an unproxied (grey-clouded) DNS record ."

Try contacting customer support and tell them your use case, they might lift the restrictions OR just bypass proxy by using a subdomain (for uploads) which is grey-clouded (not proxied thru CF). When uploads are proxied through CF, it costs them bandwidth, thats why those upload limitations are in place.

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