Upload of image files blocked

I have an image hosting service that when CL Proxy is enabled it block file uploads. If I turn off the proxy I am able to upload images. I upgraded to a paid from free and still have the issue with the file uploads being blocked.

I’d like to use the CDN for the image hosting but can’t since uploads are being blocked.

Blocked in which way?

And pay attention to the terms of service, if you primarily use Cloudflare for images, you might get your account suspended.

It doesn’t say much, I do not see any error on the CL side just the client give an error that it can’t upload file when Proxy is enabled

Provide the link where you can upload a file.

You have to use Nostur client and then use Nostrage com as the image service.

I am afraid that’s a bit beyond the scope of the forum. Plus, this really might be a violation of the terms of service.

I am afraid you will have to debug this with the developer of that client. Once you know what the error is, you can probably adjust some settings.

Typically you might run into a 524, the upload limit of 100 megabyte, or some protocol details. And are you sure that’s HTTP? If not, that cannot work.

These file are only about 3.5 megabytes image files so not close to the limit.

Can you link me to the violation of terms of service for this particular use case? There are many site that use CL to host images I do not see anything related to this being an issue.

I guess there is some type of WAF rule that blocks image uploads. I will contact CL support if the form is not the place to get answers but CL support does direct me here.

The terms are here

If it is the firewall, it should show up in your event log. But again, if that’s not HTTP, it cannot work.

As a paid customer you have access to Cloudflare’s support, so that’s a viable route, however I am not sure they will handle that debugging either, but you can certainly try.

Its HTTP traffic, I’ll work with support

If it’s HTTP, it should work with Cloudflare, but without knowing what the error is, it will be impossible to debug. Yes, support will really be your best bet here.

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