Upload large files in r2

Is there any ways to upload large files in r2 like Backblaze b2 using FTP manager. I don’t know to upload using Wrangler. But I know how to upload through cilent like CyberDuck.

But in CyberDuck, there are no option of r2. I tried S3, and WEB DEV HTTPS option in CyberDuck. But getting error even i enter r2 tokens and key with endpoint url.

CyberDuck article: Cloudflare R2 — Cyberduck Help documentation

What errors are you seeing? Because it works fine for me with Cyberduck and my R2 bucket, I used the connection profile from Edit → Preferences → Profiles

I found the r2. But the error. Please check where I am doing wrong. Access key is correct. But I remove some value during screenshot for security reasons.

Please check below @soldier_21



Put your bucket URL as the server, not amazon

@soldier_21 Thank you for reply. But again error. Kindly share a screenshot of your screen then I can understand.

I tried with public bucket URL r2.dev domain and S3 bucket URL. But login errors.

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