Upload images to bcdn.biz with aspx

Include: Domain, Steps to reproduce, Actions taken and result
I have the sever called ‘bcdn.biz’
I am a new developer to these sites, and i dont know how to add images to the sever.
I investigated in all my code and couldnt find where it uploads the images to the server.
The code saves the image localy, on my site server, and in my database, but thats it.
What could i be missing?

Hi there,

I see not firewall events blocking your requests, and you’re also not using Cloudflare pages or R2, so I don’t know how this can be Cloudflare related.
Care to explain in further detail what is the process you’re using, the errors/behaviors you’re getting back, and what leads you to believe this is on Cloudflare side?

Take care.

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