Upload from browser via signed urls?

I’m currently in the research phase, and am going to be choosing a video hosting service soon. I couldn’t find any documentation on how to allow my users to upload videos directly from their browsers. Is this supported? (e.g. with something like s3, my app server can generate a signed upload URL which allows my users to upload directly to s3 without sending all of that bandwidth through my app servers).

Cloudflare allows upto 100mb/upload on the free plan. But since you are using external service for hosting video content. Make sure you :grey: the record. You can then allow your users to upload to your s3 storage…

Thanks, but can I upload directly to Cloudflare, rather than having to upload to s3 or whatever?

Then you can then use Cloudflare Stream service instead of s3 or whatever. :man_shrugging:t4:

Right. I’m asking this: Does Cloudflare Stream service allow me to create signed URLs which my users can then use to upload directly from their browsers to Cloudflare? Every example seems to require that my application server has the video and does the upload. I’d like to avoid sending the video from my users’ browsers to my application server and then to Cloudflare. I’d like to just go directly from the browser to Cloudflare in a secure way.

So. Does Cloudflare Stream support signed urls for uploading in a similar way to something s3?

I don’t think that is possible. They provide APIs but you can always contact the support for this.

I’m not sure if I just missed this, or if it’s new, but this is now possible:


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To add onto @chris115’s post, there are more docs here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/stream/direct-user-uploads