Upload from A2hosting on wordpress without cloudflare

Is there a way to make the upload from our hosting on wordpress without Cloudflare.
I want to disconnect the upload service from Cloudflare.
Is this available?

May I ask, are you uploading a file larger than 100MB which might take longer than 100s?

I would suggest you to temporary switch from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only) your A domain.com and A www DNS records.

Or, you could temporary enable Pause Cloudflare for this site option from the Overview tab at Cloudflare dashboard.

After you finish, switch back / un-pause.


If it’s only you uploading, then I’d recommend adding your origin IP address to your computer’s local hosts file so you have a direct connection.

I don’t need upload files with ftp.
I need upload media to wordpress linked with Cloudflare.
I want disconnect upload service from Cloudflare and upload with my hosting because Cloudflare limited me upload 100MB.
Is this available?

It sure is! Just like I said: use a local hosts file so your browser doesn’t go through Cloudflare when you visit your site. If you can’t get that working, use the Pause/Un-proxy method @fritex recommended.

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