Upload CSV for Teams list not working

Getting the error:
“Files must be CSVs. Please check your file extension and try again.”

File looks like this:

I’ve tried with and without a header, with and without quotes, making a new file in Google sheets and exporting to CSV but still get the error that file must be in CSV when it is.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @justinlbaldwin try adding a comma at the end of each line to format it as a CSV. You can download an example CSV file here as well:

Thank you @pzimmerman.

I had actually tried that too. Even your test list gets the same error.


Adding this into a csv file will upload correctly:


We’re also working on removing the trailing comma from the last list entry to make it easier to upload lists. Thanks for the heads up.

@pzimmerman Unfortunately adding the comma’s even to the end of a CSV file with the exact URLs above and only those still does not work as I mentioned previously.

Here is the file:

Here is the content of said file:

And here is the error of uploading said file by dragging and dropping OR clicking select file and using the file explorer to select it (time stamp included for reference):

I understand this should work but it doesn’t. Something is wrong. I even tried whitelisting all of the Cloudflare URLs manually in my policy to see if that would help but it does not.

Hi @justinlbaldwin can you email me that file at [email protected]?

Sure. Will do.

Thank you @pzimmerman

Same issue does not accept CSV files have tried all syntax modifications as mentioned above.

Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

The Test csv gives following error :

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘files’ of undefined

Hi all,
The fix for this went out on Friday and I confirmed it’s working for Windows 10. Thanks @justinlbaldwin , that was a bug in the way Windows specifies filenames in uploads, even in the same browser cross-platform!

I can also confirm the lists upload bug has been resolved but the access to lists in custom domain policies is no longer available.

is that intended or another bug ?