Upload CSV for Teams list not working

Getting the error:
“Files must be CSVs. Please check your file extension and try again.”

File looks like this:

I’ve tried with and without a header, with and without quotes, making a new file in Google sheets and exporting to CSV but still get the error that file must be in CSV when it is.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @justinlbaldwin try adding a comma at the end of each line to format it as a CSV. You can download an example CSV file here as well:

Thank you @pzimmerman.

I had actually tried that too. Even your test list gets the same error.


Adding this into a csv file will upload correctly:


We’re also working on removing the trailing comma from the last list entry to make it easier to upload lists. Thanks for the heads up.

@pzimmerman Unfortunately adding the comma’s even to the end of a CSV file with the exact URLs above and only those still does not work as I mentioned previously.

Here is the file:

Here is the content of said file:

And here is the error of uploading said file by dragging and dropping OR clicking select file and using the file explorer to select it (time stamp included for reference):

I understand this should work but it doesn’t. Something is wrong. I even tried whitelisting all of the Cloudflare URLs manually in my policy to see if that would help but it does not.

Hi @justinlbaldwin can you email me that file at [email protected]?

Sure. Will do.

Thank you @pzimmerman

Same issue does not accept CSV files have tried all syntax modifications as mentioned above.

Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

The Test csv gives following error :

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘files’ of undefined

Hi all,
The fix for this went out on Friday and I confirmed it’s working for Windows 10. Thanks @justinlbaldwin , that was a bug in the way Windows specifies filenames in uploads, even in the same browser cross-platform!

I can also confirm the lists upload bug has been resolved but the access to lists in custom domain policies is no longer available.

is that intended or another bug ?

Custom domain lists still reside under DNS policies and can be used to allow/block/override user-configured domains for a policy.

We’re about to ship a new DNS policy engine that will look very similar to HTTP rules. Like in an HTTP policy, DNS rules can take advantage of the new lists structure. You’ll also be able to create DNS rules based on user identity and see user-level DNS activity in the Gateway DNS activity logs. Look out for this next week.

The plan is to deprecate the existing DNS policy engine and migrate customers to the new engine over this quarter.

Still no such option can only add one domain at a time with a limit of 1k, which kind of defeats my purpose of importing a proper blocklist.

Lists that are bulk uploaded can be referenced in HTTP rules for policy enforcement. In the next two weeks, we’re releasing our new DNS policy engine which (over time) will replace the existing DNS policy engine that you’re referencing today. In addition to support for referencing lists that are bulk uploaded, the new DNS policy engine will support identity-based rules using users and groups configured through your IdP. Stay tuned.

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