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Hi there, newbie here. I’ve recently started using Cloudflare for SSL and I’m running into an issue when trying to upload a video from within the wordpress dashboard. Is there any way to upload this video file please? I use Hostinger and have already increased the max upload file size so the issue will be with the Cloudflare 100MB limit.

Thanks in advance to anyone that has a solution.

If you are saying you have no SSL certificate on your server, then you still have an insecure site without encryption.

Even a Business plan will allow only 200 megabytes. For 260, you will need an Enterprise plan. Alternatively you can use an unproxied record for the upload.

Thanks for the quick response. The SSL is in place. Is there a tutorial that describes how to do this unproxied record for the upload please?

How come you mentioned you are using Cloudflare for SSL then?

As for the unproxied record, just use any record that is :grey:.

Because I am using Cloudflare for SSL. Before activating the domain the site was only http. I don’t understand your unproxied record solution so I will spend smoe more time searching that subject.

In that case your earlier statement is wrong and there is no certificate.


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The site is now https, that’s the only reason I came to Cloudflare because hostinger only give 1 SSL per account. So as far as I’m concerned, the site is secure and everything is https on that domain. If Cloudflare is doing something in the background that means my statement is wrong then fair enough. I’m a designer and that’s all I know.

Then I am afraid you misunderstood Cloudflare.

As I said, you still need a certificate on your server, otherwise your site is insecure. The SSL you believe to get right now is only the proxy certificate.

Bottom line, your site is without encryption and you should fix that. If you are not experienced in that, it may be best to talk to your host or web developer to get that fixed.

You can also get a certificate from https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/origin-configuration/origin-ca/

Back to square one then I guess. Previous developer sadly didn’t make it through 2021 so I’m just trying to pick up the pieces. I obviously need to do a lot more research as I though that if the site was https then that’s all that was needed.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to help so thanks for that.

All right, first step, you should secure your site properly and switch the encryption mode on Cloudflare to Full Strict. Otherwise you’d have mentioned security issue.

Once that is fixed, we can address any upload issues.

Sandro, I’ve just been searching for this and read a few articles which led me to look at what Full (strict) was before reading your last reply. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you have taken more time to point me in this direction. I have to travel this afternoon but I am back later tonight and will sort this tomorrow and then look at the upload.

Once again, thank you!

Try upload video to Backblaze B2, then add src url,
Cloudflare and Backblaze are Bandwidth partners

No worries :slight_smile:

Once you secured your setup we can check out the upload issue, but the limit itself is unfortunately in place as is.

I delayed my travel for a couple of hours. Turns out that the tutorial I used to get to Full Strict was written by you! :sunglasses:

So now I’m ready to figure out this unproxied record. I have searched for this since you suggested it as I’m trying not to impact on your time but not finding a solution.

Yeah, SSL is literally a constant topic on the forum here, so one day I had enough and wrote the tutorial :smile:

So you have a proper certificate now on the server and the encryption mode on Full Strict? If that is the case your site should be actually secure.

As for the proxy bit, is this just a one time upload or do you regularly have to upload file with a size exceeding the 100 megabyte limit?


It should be a one time thing and won’t get 100’s of views either. Small site. Just trying to get them out of a hole.

In that case either pause Cloudflare for now (bottom right, Overview screen) or use the local hosts file to override the IP address and connect directly to your server. In that case you won’t go through the proxy and the limit won’t be effective.

Pausing did the trick. Perfect, saved me a ton of extra research and made my whole weekend a lot more enjoyable. Had some tough times with everything that has gone on over the last few months and I’m very grateful for your help today.

I hope you have a great weekend sandro! :clap: :+1:

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