Upgrading website confusion

March 30, 2024 I upgraded the website, but I made a mistake. Instead of upgrading the website ancuong.com, I mistakenly upgraded the website ancuong.com.vn. I opened the case to ask the billing team, but the answer was not satisfactory. I opened many other cases to request support but received no response. I think Cloudflare can completely support customers with this mistake, so why ask us to cancel and buy a new one.

I look forward to receiving support and feedback from cloudflare


Hey there @datvt

Thanks for reaching back out, unfortunately when upgrading domains - these are per domain and are non-transferrable. You can view: Cloudflare Billing Policy · Cloudflare Support docs

That being said, could you please provide a ticket number and I will gladly have a look for you :slight_smile:

Dear Joeito,

Actually 2400USD is a lot of money for my IT position. With this incident, I had to lose 6 months of salary. This is a mistake, not our intention to use ancuong.com.vn. Immediately after upgrading, I opened a case for support. I really hope you understand and support me.

Please check case id: #3207533, #3212219


Dear Joeito,

I have also read Cloudflare’s Billing Policy content. I also don’t see any regulations denying support for domain transfer. During the upgrade process, I did not receive this message.



I am really disappointed with the way a large technology company like Cloudflare works and supports customers. When you need customers, you approach them in many ways, but when customers using your service need your support, you choose silence. Actually, I spent 2400USD to process for customers, but you should review your way of working, it’s really not worthy of a big technology company like Cloudflare.

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