Upgrading to Zero Trust Enterprise plan


I have been using Zero Trust Standard for a while, but I’m interested in upgrading to the Zero Trust Enterprise plan, since it includes numerous features that are useful for me. However, even though the product recommendation service shows that it costs $14/user/month, I don’t find any way to upgrade to it.

How can I upgrade my account to the ZT Enterprise plan?

Thanks for your help!

You will need to reach out to sales; I remember I asked them about this a while back and they advised me not to unless the budget was in the 4-5 digits per month.

If you were curious about Arera 1; its likely to cost a few thousands on top of anything you add.


Thanks for your quick response!

That makes more sense than the $14/user/month plan.

Good to know. Thanks!


Contacted sales about Area1 and said the following:

So Area1 is part of our Enterprise services within Zero Trust.

This is a custom solution that is under an annual contract that can average in the several thousands USD range


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