Upgrading to use DNS + CDN services

I am contacting on behalf of my company’s owner who has a Cloudflare Pro account that manages the DNS for our website.
The site is hosted on SiteGround which indicates it can integrate with Cloudflare’s CDN. However, we couldn’t find anything related to the CDN on his dashboard. Are the DNS subscriptions and CDN ones completely separate?
Many thanks for the help.

The CDN is transparent. When Cloudflare proxies all traffic to the site, it will cache static files and serve them from edge nodes instead of the origin server.

I didn’t notice this: when looking at the cache settings on the dashboard, nothing at all was recorded as being cached.

Then it sounds like your traffic isn’t proxied. What’s the URL?

Ah, I see what you mean. Correct: it’s not proxied. Would changing that option activate the cache? Are there ramifications?

Thank you for your time helping.

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