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We have been using Cloudflare for some time and it undoubtedly speeds up our website. We have received messages regarding upgrading to the seems to provide a lot more technical information which would not really help us. Is there any sort of upgrade that would help speed up our website? Google Webtoon still shows that some resources are taking a long time to load, even though we have installed quite a few WordPress plug-ins to speed up our site and to load images

Your post was somehow truncated, and the first sentence has some words missing. Anyway, perhaps the best upgrade you can make to a WordPress website is to add Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress, which will help cache most of your content in a global scale. If your plan is Pro or higher, you can activate it on the dashboard. If you are on a free plan, you need add it as a paid addon.

Thank you very much. We weren’t sure how to get better page speed for our web site and we weren’t sure which upgrade would achieve this.

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