Upgrading from universal certificate to dedicated cert

I had a free plan with shared certificate, but I bought today a dedicated certificate for my domain. Now in CF dashboard I can see both certs and if I go to my site I’m seeing the universal certificate, my question is as simple as ¿should I do something else? if yes… exactly what?


I guess it could take some time for the certs to be propagated through the edges.
How ever: have you disabled Universal SSL?

Crypto -> scroll down to the bottom of the page

I don’t know if it is possible to simply delete the free one in the Edge Certificates section.

At the moment your DNS settings look the opposite of what I would expect. Host names which are for ports Cloudflare doesn’t proxy (such as mail related ports) are set to :orange: and your root and www records are set to :grey:.

The certificate I see at the moment is a Let’s Encrypt cert on your origin server since the site is :grey:

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