Upgrading from free to paid service

Please i ve been using cloudfare for some months now , i use it for both speedness, and also as proxy for monetization platform (ezoic here).
What would be the advantage to go for a paid plan ? I can’t see the main difference between free and paid plan for a little website.here a simple wordpress with divi theme. 4000 visitors a month
If i use paid plan, will i improve the speed of my website for mobile desktop and for core web vitals with google ?
Will i be obliged to use a cache plugin ? (here wp rocket )

I am sorry to say, but none, equal to zero from my experience.
eZoic turns off all of your caching and optimization options which you select (their official plugin for WordPress).
Meaning, any cache plugin you install for your WordPress wouldn’t work either.
Therefore, for your stated number of visitors per month, I hope you would not get into some issues like 5xx errors due to the “high load” if using shared Web hosting.

There are topics about eZoic + Cloudflare + WordPress + cache/speed/optimization from which I believe you could gather usefull bunch of information and decide on your own.

Unfortunately, there are also topics here where people try to setup eZoic and have issues with it. While using :search:, I’ve found this:

Nevertheless, may I just add a note here, when you switch to eZoic, any change you want to make to your DNS you have to do it through their interface, as far as users already reported here about “missing DNS records” and etc. while using eZoic and Cloudflare.

True, their article (Help Center) was updated few times in between the past years stating that it is compatible with some cache plugins, etc., but maybe the better way would be to go and check their plugin code and why do they disable the caching (WP plugins/speed/optimization/Page Rules) just to gather more different ads to show up (from their CDN, shouldn’t be cached) to your visitors (unique views) so you could get more money from it despite the fact of having bad user experience for your Website because of it.

Kindly, see my post here about it:

Pro Plan is actually a really good start.
Especially for when having visitors from mobile, even due to better optimizations, image delivery as WebP format, etc.
I use it on my Website (including WordPress + a cache plugin and configured Cloudflare Page Rules for caching) which has got approx. ~10k visitors daily, from which 80% is comming from mobile device.

There are already some known issues posted lately from users using WP Rocket + Cloudflare, so may I share the instructions how to propperly setup WP Rocket while using Cloudflare (without eZoic):

Otherwise, kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone else. Just sharing my experience and opinion here :slight_smile:


I also want to upgrade from free to paid and I also have a very small Wordpress site. I just want to know is there any difference for ezoic configuration for a free and paid plans? also I am curious to know if my site grows let say 20k visitors a month, can a free plan accommodate this much traffic?

I think there is no difference for eZoic configuration for a Free vs Paid plans, mostly the same approach goes.

With a good caching approach, yes it can handle (but if I am in your position, I would rather go with the Pro Plan) :wink:

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