Upgraded to pro to use webp, polish and mirage. not immpressed

hi guys,
upgraded to pro to use webp, polish, and mirage. I did purged the cache. For now, I am not impressed at all. I see its activated but page is not loading faster nether I see page size reduced by much. any ideas? experiences with this? Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks inadvance

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Based on the waterfall view, I don’t see any Webp images. Even my own visit using Chrome doesn’t turn up any Webp images. Maybe your JPG images are so efficiently compressed there’s nothing for Webp to do. Same goes for Polish. Mirage isn’t going to do anything unless you’re on a slow cellular connection.

On my Pro plan site, not many images show up as Webp, but there are a few. Oddly enough, those were my PNG logos on the gallery page I checked.


Looking at the content type here under request details, it looks like a number are webp

A lot of your links appear to be hardcoded as http:// so even when connecting over https to try to leverage http2 a browser is unable to take advantage of increased parallelization to download assets. Given the number of assets being loaded on the page that increased parallelization would probably be among the lowest hanging fruit.

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Funny you should mention the content types. I haven’t yet grasped how the Webp mechanism replaces JPGs and PNGs.

Yeah I sort of hand waved over it… I think A Very WebP New Year from Cloudflare does a decent job of explaining what we are actually doing under the covers and when (at a high level anyway).

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Did you run the test a few times? You’ll want to make sure Cloudflare had a chance to cache the modified resources.
GTmetrix is very thorough but I find it always slower than real. Maybe it’s so they can pitch their services. Try these instead / as well:

https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/ (this might be better if you’re concerned with mobile)

Thanks a lot, I am working on that right now. installed the Cloudflare WordPress plug, wprocket say it is not compatible but I disabled the Cloudflare option in there. Will be testing this out soon.

My site images are optimized. But from my understanding Webp should get me an additional 40% reduction per pic. I also choose the most aggressive setting at Cloudflare. maybe something is wrong

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From the blog post linked above:

In some cases, converting to WebP does not produce a result smaller than the optimized image in the original format. In such cases, we discard the WebP image. So the figures presented below do not penalize WebP for such cases.

So I wouldn’t count on WebP being a silver bullet in image size reduction. As I said, in my gallery page, none of my JPGs showed up as WebP – probably because they are already highly optimized.

that would be very disappointing, is the only reason I upgraded. actually, you can see here.

that pictures can be further reduced with webp, it looks like Cloudflare is not pushing it to the limit.

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