Upgraded to business, support is still AFK

Is Cloudflare only a Monday - Friday, 8x5 support shop for Business customers?

We have a service-impacting, urgent case that is being treated with the importance of configuring a DNS record.

Not at all, Business has access to live chat for quick questions or urgent issues. This should be available 24/7. It can take a few hours to show up after you upgrade so if you just upgraded for this then you might not see it yet.

Sadly when I go to chat, the button is greyed out and tells me to upgrade to Business.

Not stellar when we have a service-impacting issue and can’t get a response from support.

That’s frustrating, when did you upgrade?

Is the issue you’re having the certificate one you reported in another topic here?

Yeah it is and yeah it’s the cert issue that’s breaking our customer’s connections. I’ll just keep emailing them I guess, maybe someone will respond. Thanks for your help anyway!

I’ll jump over to that thread and have a look and we can chat about what’s going on there. Please also drop the ticket number in there for any staff who see it.